Global Outreach at the Free

We are blessed to have church members who are serving God in ministry across the globe. Support for all our 'Mission Members' is co-ordinated by the Global Outreach Team (GO Team). On behalf of the church, the GO team supports pastorally, in prayer, and through sending financial gifts. Each Mission Member who is serving long term has a Support Group Leader who runs a monthly prayer meeting and seeks to encourage the Mission Member by regular communication and prayer. Each of our Mission Members produce regular prayer letters which can be obtained from the prayer group leader.

If you would like to know more about supporting our Mission Members or exploring a call to global mission yourself (short or long term), then please contact: 

Felicity Wall by emailing

Felicity is chair of the GO Team which is currently made up of five other members; Felicity Wall, Marilyn King, Nicola Godfrey, Jonathan Bridge, Jan Cardy and Rosemary Wall.

Church Members can click here for the latest information on our current Mission Members, and for details of their Support Group. You can also read the Free's Mission Policy by clicking here.

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