Connect Groups


Our Aim


Making every moment count…..

To see lives transformed by Jesus.


Connect groups meet regularly in a friendly atmosphere.

Here you can:-
  • Engage and connect with Jesus and each other through prayer and the Bible
  • Learn and grow together
  • Enjoy each other’s knowledge and experiences
  • Receive encouragement
  • Plan ways to reach out to our community
  • Meet socially and have fun

Our values
Pioneering:- Praying and actively looking for new opportunities to introduce people to Jesus.
Risk-taking:- We encourage those seeking to do the seemingly impossible for God. In fostering closer relationships, where we can live out our faith and become agents of individual and community change.
Faith:- We put our faith firmly in God and His Word. As we share the gospel and our God given experiences with one another, growth occurs that changes us individually and as a whole.
Generosity:- Both group leaders and those attending groups aim to give generously of their time, resources, themselves open-handed with everything that God shares with them.
Bringing Blessing:- As we learn and develop ourselves and apply our faith we aim to be a blessing to the wider community and each other.

We have connect groups located several areas and all you have to do to join is get in touch with us. Just fill in the form and we will get back to you.
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If you have any other questions about connect groups, or the church please click here to contact us.