FreeKidz Online Resources

Due to the advice from the government regarding the Coronavirus all Freekidz activities are closed until further notice. However, we would still love to stay connected with you so below are some resources you can use with your family at home to view online or to download.
jesus calms the storm anagrams (58.1KB) 24/10/2020,
Jesus calms the storm (267.9KB) 24/10/2020,
footprint (24.2KB) 17/10/2020,
jesus calls his disciples (261.4KB) 17/10/2020,
thankyou prayer (260.3KB) 09/10/2020,
thankyou God for (33.8KB) 09/10/2020,
dice template (69.6KB) 03/10/2020,
jesus prayer copy (266.0KB) 03/10/2020,
humble prayer (256.0KB) 26/09/2020,
pharisee wordsearch (17.4KB) 26/09/2020,
anagram wall (26.1KB) 19/09/2020,
Nehemiahs prayer (260.7KB) 19/09/2020,
feelings (500.7KB) 11/09/2020,
Prayer and praise - Hannah (2.8MB) 11/09/2020,
lion mask (64.4KB) 01/08/2020,

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